At Riviera Village Optometry, you’ll find the latest state of the art instruments to fully care for your vision.

Our office has invested in the most advanced technology that enables our doctors to discover subtle changes in the eye related to glaucoma and macular disease: The iVue Optical Coherence Tomographer.

This instrument utilizes non-invasive diagnostic imaging technology to provide high resolution, cross sectional images of the eye. Rather than just being able to see a flat face view of your eye, the doctor is able to see a 3D view!

Going above and beyond standard examination procedures, this instrument allows visualization of damage to the eye before there are any symptoms. The instrument scans the eye very quickly with no adverse effects. If eye disease is detected during your eye examination the doctor will advise you if more comprehensive analysis with this instrument is indicated.

We offer a screening examination to all patients as an add-on to our traditional examination techniques, upholding our mission to provide our patients with the best possible medical eye care.

Additionally, our office includes the following technology:

  • An autorefractor which measures how light is changed as it enters your eye ¬†and is used to determine the starting point for your prescription
  • Visual field analysis, using an instrument to measure your peripheral vision and detect any signs of glaucoma and other eye diseases
  • Our Medmont corneal topographer is a state of the art optical diagnostic instrument that generates a topographical map of your eye enabling our doctors to see corneal irregularities and aid in complex contact lens fittings
  • Digital Fundus Photography to take a high resolution photograph to obtain crystal clear images of your retina and optic nerve for documentation and future reference.